BBS Custom Karting Carburetors

Having worked extensively both on the dyno and on the track with custom fuel curve analysis, BBS carburetors provide the optimal air/fuel ratios at all points within the engine's RPM range to broaden the power band and eliminate dead spots in the power curve which improves drivability and greatly reduces overall lap times.

Key Features:

  • Extensive dyno and on-track research conducted on each kart carburetor type
  • Custom fuel curve analysis to ensure optimal air/fuel ratio is achieved at all points within the RPM range
  • Eliminate dead spots in the power curve to help reduce lap times
  • Improves overall performance and kart drivability


  • Walbro WA55B, WB3A
  • Tillotson HL334A, AB, HW27A (X30), HW31A (Mini Swift), HL360
  • Dellorto PHBG18B (Mini Rok), VHSH30 (Rok GP, KZ)
  • Keihin PWM, PWK (Stock Honda)