BBS Yamaha KT100

Since the difference between first and second place is often being measured in hundredths if not thousandths of a second, BBS Race Engine Development understands the importance of a precision-built Yamaha KT100 engine. Utilizing modern CNC and manual equipment along with precision fixtures, all faces, surfaces and bearing pockets on the KT100 are machined to near perfection. Years of dyno and track testing have gone into the development of the BBS KT100 package.

Key Features:

  • Cases faced and bearing pockets sleeved and CNC-bored concentric
  • Cylinders torque plate-honed and squared
  • All parts are closely inspected and matched for the most accurate assembly possible
  • Every engine dyno tuned and carburetion perfected


  • Yamaha Rookie
  • Yamaha Sportsman
  • Yamaha Can Junior
  • Yamaha Can Senior
  • Yamaha Y-Pipe